Clinique de l'Alma Paris7


Founded in 1931
120 employees
75 independent doctors
4 rooms for the surgical unit and 4 rooms for the endoscopy and interventional unit
53 conventional hospital beds, including 6 continuous monitoring beds
25 outpatient places
20 haemodialysis stations in heavy centres
14 off-centre dialysis stations (self-dialysis and medical dialysis units)
1 imaging platform with 1 scanner, 1 MRI and 1 ultrasound scanner
1 Da Vinci surgical robot
12,500 patients a year, 50% of whom are treated on an outpatient basis
140 patients undergoing regular dialysis treatment


  • A personalised welcome
  • High-quality accommodation
  • A team of carers ready to listen to you throughout your stay
  • Co-ordinated care, multidisciplinary consultation for the most complex pathologies, between specialised professionals to ensure the best choice of treatment, and high-quality medical and paramedical follow-up.
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of your care, enriched by your opinion, enabling us to respond better to your needs.


  • A commitment to excellence
    The clinic and all its medical staff do their utmost to provide an irreproachable quality of welcome and service, as well as optimum quality and safety in the care we deliver to our patients.

  • Access to innovation
    We are committed to providing our patients with the fastest possible access to medical innovations and the latest technological advances.

  • People at the heart of care
    We guarantee care on a human scale, in a facility that has been completely refurbished for the comfort, respect and dignity of our patients.

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Sustainable development

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR approach is transversal, operational and aims to be as close as possible to the field.
Organ Donation

Organ and Blood Donations

More than 14400 patients who need an organ transplant every year. The main obstacle to transplantation is the persistent lack of available organs.